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SUNCROWN Label Materials

         Lecco was founded in 1993 and has been through over 20 years with its main product line-SUNCROWN self-adhesive label material, which has gained a great deal of support and trust among the industry. Now SUNCROWN has already become an essential part of printing industry.


KINDLION Linerless Lamination

        At the beginning of 2015, the emergence of KINDLION Linerless lamination film brought a huge revolution to jet printing industry. With no release liner, there is no trouble of dealing with it and the cost is lower. Also, equiping with the innovative laminator, lamination speed 20 metres per minute, adding up to 1,200 mper hour. It greatly improves efficiency and reduces waste of human resources.



Qiyu Water-based Lamination Film

          Qiyu Adhesive, Kaiping City is the first domestic leading high tech company producing environmental Water-based Lamination Film. 

          Organic solvent is not applied among the whole process of glue production. Tested by SGS, no heavy metal(in RoHS) or plasticizing agent is included in our products.

          Its length can reach 3,000 metres(standard length is 2,000 metres), which greatly improves lamination efficiency and decreases loss.


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